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If you’re dreaming of a wedding that represents the passions you and your partner share, choosing a venue packed with personal meaning will go a long way toward making your big day truly unique.

Whether you and your spouse-to-be are bibliophiles, avid antique shoppers, or animal lovers, there are wedding venues that can accomodate you and your guests while providing a backdrop for your ceremony that reflects your relationship, lives, and love. Here are a few ideas if you are looking for a little inspiration.


Lavish Libraries

Perhaps you and your partner began your relationship as study buddies or are both writers who met as members of the same critique group. If that’s the case, staging your wedding in a library will speak volumes about your love. Here are a few iconic options, although many more modest local libraries also host weddings and receptions.


The New York Public Library includes several event spaces that can host everything from a reception with up to 125 guest to a lavish seated dinner for as many as 425 friends and family.


Likewise, the Boston Public Library has a plethora of places for ceremonies and receptions. For example, your guests can dine under the green reading lights in Bates Hall or watch you exchange vows in the courtyard outdoors.


The Kansas City Public Library even offers the Helzberg Auditorium, which includes space on the adjacent Rooftop Terrace to give guests indoor and outdoor options during the same event.



Retail Receptions


If you and your betrothed bonded over a shared shopping habit, you may want to schedule your ceremony and reception at one of your favorite stores. While it might seem odd at first, consider the fact that the retailer’s wares will serve as de facto decorations and will likely inspire your table settings and other details. With that in mind, here are a few suggested shops.


When it’s not selling one-of-a-kind antiques and reproductions from Europe, Asia, and North America, California-based Big Daddy’s Antiques can host weddings and other events with its unique goods serving as a backdrop. Another bonus — maybe friends and family will purchase some of your favorite pieces as wedding gifts.


If you and your honey are horticulturalists, why not wed at a nursery and greenhouse? Alaska’s Forget-Me-Not Nursery hosts weddings year-round, either in its gardens or its spacious, timber-framed greenhouse. Not only will you save money on flowers, but the bridal bouquet is bound to be perfect.


Flex spaces


If you’re not 100% sure what you’re looking for, there are tons of “blank space” wedding venues across the country. In SoCal, for instance, you’ve got the Malibou Lake Mountain Club, the Smogshoppe, and the aptly-named Unique Space. You can also book park pavilions and some larger hotels offer custom wedding packages based on your style.



Dog-Friendly Venues


If you and your future spouse met while walking your respective furry friends or fell in love with a rescue dog after falling for each other, you might want to hold your wedding in a pet-friendly park or otherwise include canines in the celebration. Here are some suggestions for dog-friendly venues as well as some other ways to make mutts part of your special day.


Shelby Farms Park in Memphis, Tenn., includes more formal wedding venues. But at least one couple opted for an informal ceremony that included a sweet photo session in Shelby’s Outback Off-Leash Dog Park so they could include an important family member who just happens to be a mixed-breed pup named Jackson.


Another option is to schedule your wedding or reception at a dog park such as the Rush Creek Dog Park in Arlington, Tex., which includes fenced-in areas that are available for rent where your dog and your guests’ furry friends can frolic leash-free.


Not sure where the nearest dog park is to you? There bound to be plenty of options in your neighborhood! Consider checking out a site like Rover.com, which lists dog parks by city. Here are a few to get your started: San Jose, CA, Knoxville, TN, Raleigh, NC, Portland, OR, Albuquerque, NM, Indianapolis, IN, Saint Paul, MN, Madison, WI, Miami, FL, or Calgary.


Another way to include your dog in your big day is by taking engagement or save-the-date photos in a dog park. This is an attractive option for couples who have a puppy who might not be ready for a public production, are planning a destination wedding or decide on a venue that’s not dog-friendly.


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No matter where you choose to hold your wedding and reception, they will surely include many meaningful moments. But a special venue can elevate such a special day from meaningful to magical.

Article Contributed by Erin Reynolds of DIY Mama.

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